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Gary Huang
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Referencing in JavaScript

It can often be useful to reference your configuration values in your own client-side JavaScript — for example to access some of your theme values when dynamically applying inline styles in a React or Vue component.

To make this easy, Tailwind provides a resolveConfig helper you can use to generate a fully merged version of your configuration object:

import resolveConfig from 'tailwindcss/resolveConfig'
import tailwindConfig from './tailwind.config.js'
const fullConfig = resolveConfig(tailwindConfig)fullConfig.theme.width[4]
// => '1rem'
// => '768px'
// => '0 25px 50px -12px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.25)'

Note that this will transitively pull in a lot of our build-time dependencies, resulting in bigger client-side bundle size. To avoid this, we recommend using a tool like babel-plugin-preval to generate a static version of your configuration at build-time.

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